TUTEST - A complete Assessment Solution

Sound practice and preparation are key to success in every walk of life. Academy is not an exception either.In order to make  practice and preparation beget excellent results, a modern educational institution needs to have a well organized, scientific and continuous process of assessment, not as a mere means of compliance and satisfaction, but  as an integral part of the pedagogy. Also, practice and assessment deserve equal priority at par with learning so as to prepare students well for final exams and help them score higher.

Tutest relieves faculties of repetitive ,manual and tedious process of setting up test papers and conducting assessment so that they have more time to focus on remediation and clarification of doubts of students based on their learning gaps.

Tutest aids into setting up an organized and scientific culture of assessment in an institution. Tutest empowers the institution to manage the complete  assessment process within using it’s own internal resources.

What We Offer

Question Bank

The question bank is well organised to offer quick selection of questions on a chapter or a topic and consists of questions made by our experienced faculties with self explanatory detailed solution to each question.The coverage includes the target curriculum at the least and is wide enough to offer all that a teacher or institution may need for assessment

Test Bank

The test bank offers to create a test paper with just a click by merely selecting it. Practice tests consist of objective type questions which can be answered online using any electronic device with auto evaluation. Thus, teachers get ready learning gaps analysis of performance of each student which helps them work on remediation for each student on only what the student has not understood and not in general

School- Question Bank

Its a customised question bank provided to an institute to capture its existing content in an organised manner or create its own content as and when needed. Only the institute which creates the content shall have access to this content and no one else. Institute’s own content can be used either separately or in combination with Tutest Question bank to create a test paper.

School- Test Bank

All test papers created by an institution remain accessible to the institution only. A past test paper can be readily pulled from the system for use or can be modified to present need and used, which saves enormous time that goes in creating test papers time and again.

Online test

All practice tests can be conducted online using desktops at computer lab, laptops, tablets and mobiles. The tests can be scheduled at flexible intervals and students can attempt them at ease. Learning gaps analysis is instantly available to the teachers as well as students

Offline TEST

Offline tests are the common practice in every institution. A test paper can be easily created or selected for assessment. It can then be downloaded and printed as per the need for conducting assessment. The learning gaps analysis is available after the teacher evaluates the answer sheets of students and assigns them marks.

Learning Gap Analysis

The learning Gaps Analysis considers student’s response to each and every question and shows the performance at topic and chapter level.It shows a quick view of the topics that have not been understood by students along with prioritised listing. This provides teachers a ready plan to follow for effective and student’s need based remediation, focusing on teaching them only what they have not understood.One can always see the student response to each question for detailed analysis.

Analytics and Reports

Tutest offers layered analytics for teachers and management to assess performance of

The analytics offer pinpointed insights into the performance gaps which help the teachers and management to readily decide on the measures to improve the performance


Cloud based

No investment in hardware

Hassle Free Maintenance

Focus on pure academics


It clearly points out the areas of learning improvement in each student after each test.

It tracks and monitors a student's progress and helps devise a personalized growth plan.

It reduces time taken for assessment significantly so that teachers have more and more time to focus on learning improvement and academics.

Parents are progressively updated and highly involved in students progress.

It does not require any special infra and can be easily implemented with school’s existing infra.

It's very simple, easy to use ,affordable and requires minimal training to implement it.

Courses Offered

CBSE | ICSE | State Board

JEE-Foundation | NEET-Foundation

PCMB-11&12 | JEE-Mains

JEE-advanced | AIIMS | CET