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No investment in hardware

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Tutest - For Tutorials

Tutest for tutorials is a complete assessment software for coaching centers having :

  • Assessment Software for Tutorials
  • ICSE, CBSE Question Bank for tutorials
  • CBSE, ICSE Test bank for tutorials
  • online Exam for coaching centers

It helps tutorials cut down on their unproductive time spent on assessment and enables them to use it for learning enhancement of students through learning gaps analysis, report card and various performance analytics sharing with and involving parents in the overall academic development of students.


    1. Question bank-100000+ questions of various types and levels of difficulty
    2. Test bank- 3000+ quality tests for ready and instant use
    3. Online- offline test from home or at tutorial center
    4. Layered learning gaps analysis for assured improvement
    5. Report card and performance analytics
    6. Progressive performance tracking as student grows academically year on year
    7. Online sharing and involvement of parents in assessment results and academic progress of a student