About Us

Vedicventures is a Bangalore based company providing Edutech solutions to K-12 students and institutions e.g schools, colleges and coaching centers. It provides multimedia lessons and digital content for learning and  assessment, offered offline as well as offline, to students and institutions


  • To be recognised as a trusted and affordable solution provider to K-12 stakeholders


  • To empower, support and transform the learning goals and outcomes of small and medium stakeholders of K-12 education through our learning solutions

  • To usher in a culture of  continuous practice, preparation and assessment at par with learning for progressive learning excellence

  • To create and provide 'needed now' quality solutions which stakeholders otherwise find unavailable and unaffordable


  • To deliver the  value proposition underlying the solution, a stakeholder has subscribed to, by enabling effective implementation and use

  • To encourage and enable a culture of continuous self learning and training to foster and maintain the passion for academic excellence

  • To bring in clear and measurable visibility in learning outcomes for sustained improvements