Tupoints offers digital and animated lessons and practice tests for CBSE and ICSE students for offline self study and practice

Multimedia lessons

Tupoints is a self learning and lesson practice program having animated, multimedia and digital lessons in Science , Maths and other subjects for CBSE and ICSE students for self study and off-line tests for self practice for students for progressive performance improvement


  • Prepares for IIT and JEE Foundation program
  • Advance self learning program
  • Mapped to CBSE curriculum
  • Step by step detailed coverage and explanation of all topics and sub-topics
  • Additional course content for higher understanding
  • Fosters quick learning, revision, lasting retention and higher Class room interaction
  • Focus on effective exam preparation and high score in exams

Offline Test

Tupoints has a comprehensive Test and Practice programme for CBSE and ICSE students. There are tests on each topic, chapter and subject with specific analytics on learning gaps. Tests are designed and developed by Tupoints experienced faculties for familiarizing and preparing a student for final exams.


  • Completely Mapped to CBSE curriculum
  • Summative & Formative assessment tests conforming to CCE
  • Tests on each topic of a chapter covering all chapters in a subject
  • Objective type questions of different types and levels of difficulty
  • Instant auto evaluation with test performance data and grade
  • Answer sheet with detailed explanation for each question
  • Comparative analysis of test performance for learning gaps for improvement
  • Focus on effective exam preparation and high score in exams